The year 2017 is coming to a close. 2018, ready or not, here we come!

   We have come through one more year of news saturated consciousness and the fear that it employs, into a place where we DESIRE to function at a high level while loving ourselves and those around us. I’m here to tell you that your “perspective” is something that you choose, and the ideas that you take on are your choice. 
    Here we are with a wonderful opportunity to start anew, with refreshed ideas and goals. With our current best efforts, we examine our current position along with the things we have not yet accomplished, and make a choice to renew our efforts toward change. Generally, from a physical standpoint that does not address the patterns in which we live and relate to our current reality, rather than the energetic and physical balance. 
    I've been there. It's much like waking after a sleepless night to find myself unable to walk because... WHAT? My feet are tied with rope made of my own past trauma! Reaching down to untie my ankles I find my hands are also tied with the threads of my pre-programmed thought processes. I call out for help and find my body is bound to the negative collective and they offer no help. They shake their heads and explain that this is the "reality of life". We begin to chant, “I’m stuck. I’m frustrated. I’m lost. I’m lonely. I’m trapped. I’m unworthy. I’m incapable...”.
    No! My heart screams, NO! This is YOUR choice! Enable yourself for positive, effective change.


Here are a few tips for making positive transformations in your thought paradigm and physical reality

  • Examine the company you keep. Surround yourself with those individuals who inspire you by the life they lead. Let go of those people who use negative dialogue. Audit your time with the people you must interact with regularly.
  • Consider your environment/energy circles. Your home, clothes, work space. Does it reflect the balance and organization you need? Does your personal space cause you to experience stress? How often do you allow that stress to determine your thought patterns?
  • Envision Properly. Which means, dream! Have fun dreaming. Don’t envision your future by focusing on how things used to be. You cannot bring the past to the present. You want to envision ahead. Dream of what change the future holds for you.
  • It’s not just about getting out of where you are in life. You must renew the energy, both physically and energetically. Get rid of old energy by introducing something new.