You know that you need to receive touch. Not just from your partners and children, but in a desexualized therapeutic format. So you book a mobile massage. YAS! So what's next?

I’m going to lay out how to mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically prepare. Although there are so many location options for Mobile Massage: in-home, in-hotel, in-hospice, sporting events, the middle of the forest, your backyard, the beach... The suggestions laid out here are mostly for the benefit of those who are doing in-home massage. 

1- Know thyself

Research, engage in some introspection, write down what is going on inside your body and how it relates to your mental/emotional state. Then open up to us about what you want and need. BE Honest, BE Vulnerable, OWN YOUR HEALING EXPERINCE. 

2- Create your most ideal massage space

For me, the coolest part of mobile massage is the fact that you have complete control over the environment. The choice to do a lot or little prep for your Mobile Massage treatments is the beauty of the Mobile Massage structure. *Keep in mind we do not place judgments on your space beyond our safety. A great Mobile Massage Therapist learns to enter your space with neutrality. So any efforts to design a space are ONLY for your healing and comfort. 

  • Make sure there is enough room for the massage table, at least 120 SQ FT. If necessary, move furniture. If you would like some assistance moving things around wait till we arrive. We are more than happy to help you. 
  • Shut off all phones, TV, tech, etc. We provide a clock and music, so you don't have to manage any electronics during your massage session. If there are others (children, partners, friends, coworkers...) in your environment using tech for work or entertainment we suggest headphones or low volume. Any stimulation activates the nervous system, so less is best. 

3- Preparing yourself 

Nourish yourself
  • Nourish and Hydrate. The amount of pressure that your body can receive is directly related to your overall health and wellness. If the body is is not well-nourished and hydrated the connective tissue inside of the body (fascia) tend to "stick" and solidify. This results in fascial restrictions and reinforces hold patterns inside the neuromuscular system. 
  • Take a hot or cold shower. Whether you do a hot or cold shower depends on your individual goals. For example, if your are sore from working out the heat from a shower will help increase circulation which will allow us to do deeper, therapeutic work more quickly. If you are experiencing inflammation in the body, either from injury or diet, a cold shower is phenomenal. 
  • Establish a meditative practice. Take a moment to slow down your thoughts, observe your emotions and create clear goals. Massage can rewire your nervous system if you intercept stress and negative thought patterns. has a great article outlining meditative practices that I often read. Check it out. TYPES OF MEDITATION – AN OVERVIEW OF 23 MEDITATION TECHNIQUES

4- Arriving to your location

Once we arrive to your location we will park according to your instructions. We will enter your space with our minimalized, well-maintained, clean, high quality mobile massage equipment. Allow us to carry everything; we love what we do and the physical weight of what we carry is not a burden. Thank you for the offer though :) 

Netti Pot
  • While we set up you can take the time to do any final preparations that you need. Our set up takes anywhere between 5-15 minutes depending on if we need to move furniture or prep for a couples/group massage. This is a great time for you to use the restroom, brush your teeth, drink some relaxing herbs, do some breathing exercises, do a sinus irrigation using a neti pot, prepare a glass of filtered water to have on hand, put on a robe, close the blinds, adjust the temp, lock the doors, etc. There is no rush. Unlike other LMT’s we do not charge you for the time outside of your massage and we allow ourselves ample time to move as quickly or as slowly as you want. We also don't consider "50 minutes" to mean "an hour". You receive the exact amount of massage time that you pay for. 
  • Payment is required prior to services rendered. If you haven't paid by invoice ahead of time, you can pay by card or cash before your massage begins. This prevents you from having to work through "massage brain" post-massage to cognitively think about making a payment. *Tips are greatly appreciated, especially when we are required to pay to park. **Please note that if parking costs exceeds $15, a parking fee will apply. 

5- Getting on the table

  • We will instruct you to either start "face up" or "face down" depending on the treatment we are going to facilitate for you. 
  • Undress to your level of comfort. Keep in mind, the more you take off the more we can work. We never want to push your personal boundaries, though we encourage you to be vulnerable by removing all your clothing under the drape to allow us to work more freely. Draping can be changed at any point to create more emotional security. 
  • While you get undressed we will step into the nearest restroom, wash our hands/arms, breathe/ground, stretch and adjust our holsters. Once you are on the table take a moment to bring awareness into your body. Find your breath in your belly and concentrate on using your breath to lower your heart rate as much as possible. 

6- During the massage treatment

Hands on the body
  • We always start every massage by placing our hands on the body. We then breathe with you for a few minutes. This is perhaps the most important part of your massage. During this time we set an intention, slow our heart rate, steady our hands, give you a chance to slow your heart rate, observe any breathing restrictions presenting in your body, find your cerebral spinal fluid pulse, mentally review your goals, silence any mental chatter and connect to the voice of our intuition. Please do not rush yourself or us through this process. We suggest you lean in and surrender to lay the foundation for your bodywork. 
  • As the massage progresses there are a few things that we suggest you practice. 
  1. Communication- Keep an open dialogue about pressure, emotions, thoughts, needs, wants, boundaries, etc. 
  2. Breath- With the movements of our massage strokes, allow there to be an intentional "in breath" and "out breath". If we are working in an area of the body that does not allow you to take a full deep inhale, concentrate on breathing deeply around the area of the body. 
  3. Introspection- What does the massage treatment bring to the surface? Observe, without judgment, your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Need to change the temp, adjust positions, blow your nose, get a drink of water, use the restroom? Let us know at any point during the massage what your needs and wants are. We are here for you. 

7- Wrapping up the massage session

As your massage comes to a close we will ask you to take a few breaths with a compression stroke. If you have fallen asleep we want to draw your awareness back slowly. We will then exit the room where we will again wash our hand/arms, hydrate, etc. When you are finished getting dressed let us know and we will start the process of breaking down our mobile massage set up. Then that's it! We take off to our next appointment and you continue on with your day. Our equipment may look heavy and we do appreciate you offering to help, but please enjoy your relaxed state and leave the carrying of the equipment to us!

8- Post massage


We suggest you take full advantage of the best benefit of receiving Mobile Massage, which is, you don't even have to drive home! At this point you could do anything: get ready for work, take a bath, cook a meal, read a book, take a walk, go to bed, or simply proceed with your day as normal!