One of the main concerns we hear clients express is pressure.

We get it. Nobody wants to pay for someone to apply lotion all over their body when they could do that in the privacy of their own home, for free. So let's just be clear, we can go deep. Deeper than any one person would ever need to receive massage.

Minimum required dose for effective application and maximum results. This is our goal. We provide as deep a massage, is as necessary to facilitate healing.

So the discussion then becomes, how do you prepare to receive deeper pressure? The amount of pressure the body can receive is determined by your level of hydration and nourishment.


So many Massage Therapists have adopted a post massage script that sounds something along the lines of "Be sure to drink lots and lots and lots and lots... of water". It is, of course, very important to drink filtered water, but the emphasis on drinking water post massage has gotsa go.

Rather, we should adopt a lifestyle of "Hydrate and Nourish" to provide the foundation for overall health and wellness. 

When the body is properly hydrated and nourished the muscles receive and accept massage more effectively due to circulation and nervous system response. The therapies that we facilitate are much more effective when the body is prepared to receive them. Massage is only one facet of what we can do to improve our mental, physical and emotional bodies.  

To get the best results from your massage start with a solid sleep routine, the consumption of healthy nourishing foods, complete hydration, and stress management. This ensures that your body will effectively increase circulation, deliver the nutrients needed to repair muscle tissue, provide the hydration needed for fascia to "liquefy" properly, and offer support to your nervous system. 


Check out this Cadaver Dissection Video where Gil Hedley explains fascia!!