If it weren't for fear, I would...

I’m sitting at a cafe in Portland. It’s only a 3 hour drive from my home in Everett. A small investment to explore the Oregon muse energy…

I can feel a tension in my heart as I write this. “What if the words I send out into the world don’t make a positive impact? Touch is so important to me. It heals the fear we carry in our body! What if my community doesn’t see this as truth?”

Fear. A cocktail of tightness throughout by body. An electric poison seeping into my thoughts. Yet I show up for my creation anyway…

These feelings exist in me for two main reasons that I can identify. First, my brain is programmed for fear. Between my biological primal makeup and the social programming I’ve endured, I react fearfully when presented with vulnerability. Second, my past experiences have stored trauma in my body which is triggered when faced with situations similar to those in my past.

My own process for addressing my fear is as follows…

1- Observe the fear response in my body without judgment.

2- Talk to my fear. Identifying the fear takes it’s power away. I ask what is at the core of my fear.

3- I say aloud, “If it weren’t for fear, I would…”. Then I do that thing that scares me.

Then I follow up with a physical practice to work the fear out of my body. For me personally I attend daily yoga classes, dance, sing and receive massage. It amazes me how much fear creates a wall in front of my heart, which then prevents me from compassion and love… until I practice self love and self compassion. I then observe as that wall falls away.

So, where are you allowing fear to control you? Where are you holding back in your life out of fear? What are some ways you could implement fear processing practices?

The time is now. We are here to move quickly and make a positive impact in the world. The first step is radical self love.

Now, go now!