Information about booking your Chair Event

To book your Chair Event Reservation, please fill out the form below. This information is a part of the booking process and is required to move forward with your reservation request.

Address *
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Onsite Contact
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Loading zones. Best places to park. Free/paid/validated. Call/text upon arrival. Specific entrance. Stairs/elevator. Security. ETC.
Once we have determined the best length for each chair massage session and the number of individuals receiving massage, we ask that you create a sign up sheet with time slots segmented into the time frames you chose. This allows for people to plan their day around their time slot and prevents the massage therapist from falling behind. Please have a copy of the completed sign up sheet available for the LMT at the time of your Chair Event Reservation.
Chair massage length generally ranges from 15-30 minutes. Each time slot will include the time taken to get on and off the massage chair. For example, if you choose 20 minute time slots for each individual they will receive 18 minutes of massage. This will allow for 1 minute in the beginning and the end, and is enough time that we don't have to rush any super relaxed people back to work.
Where would your set up to be? A dark quiet space is preferable. Have fun and be creative! Maybe set up a water station with light snacks. It is also a good idea to have a waiting area set up for the next person in line. Soft relaxing music is provided.
Give as much advanced notice as possible to ensure your desired reservation.
I.e. Pregnancy, Wheel Chair, Language Barrier, etc.

Thank you for submitting your Chair Event Request! Someone from Bodhi Logic will contact you directly to discuss your reservation request. Please wait to submit your payment until a time and date has been confirmed for your event.