18% off all services. 

•Select 2-8 sessions per month- to be used amongst 1 household.

•Billed on the 18th of each month.

•No contract.

Jacy Love


•A 7 day cancellation notice gives us enough time to cancel your monthly charge.

•May gift up to 4 sessions a year in the form of gift certificates. 

•Priority booking.


Glacier Peak

2 intervention sessions a year


Intervention sessions allow you to receive support in the moment of a crisis event. 

Contact us any time to schedule either a phone or in person session so we may assist in finding the proper resources for your healing. Intervention Sessions also give you access to our after hours care for no extra fee. *An example of this would be a recent car accident.

Free Upgrades 

During each body work session select any 1 of our upgrades for free. 

You can see our current upgrade offering here. 

Unlimited access to the Bodhi Logic Library.

We love sharing our favorite books with our community. 

Check it out here!


Hammock Dog Cuddles

Our intention is that everyone would have access to care regardless of circumstance. We want to inspire you on your healing journey with touch. Moving over to memberships for our clients also allows Eric and I more freedom to work directly with our clients. Rather than spending so much of our time booking, managing payments, confirming reservations and so on.


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Email or Text us to request a phone call.

During that call we will review the details of your membership, set up your recurring invoice, create your regular massage schedule and answer any questions. 

Do you have an idea you would like to share regarding the EM•BODHI Membership? 

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